February 2, 2012

Spent the day “talking” to Steve about possible contacts for some freelance work.  We were exchanging FB messages and he was giving me contact info for crewers.  Thank you very much Steve.  I’ve already sent resumes to 2 of them and he promises to send contact info for 2 more.  Say some prayers.

Also sent resumes to other companies found doing a search on DuckDuckGo.com.   A decent search engine that doesn’t give you a bunch of “I want to sell you something” sites before actually getting to pertinent locations. It was a busy day of trying to get busy!

Lastly, MANY Thanks to Geoffrey for teaching an old dog new tricks.  (Not that I’m old or anything!)  I now have a link to download my resume here.  I’d like to have a pageview of it as well, and I’m sure that it is possible, but you can’t teach the old dog EVERY trick in 1 day, right?

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