The children do grow up, don’t they?

A lot has been happening in the recent months.  Ben & Sophie moved back from Statesboro, got jobs, moved twice, the 2nd time into their own house.  Jordan & Adam came home to Fayetteville for the Independence Day holidays where Adam proposed to Jo during the 7th inning stretch of the baseball game against the Cubs.  (The Cubbies won 6-1, in case you were interested).  They had talked about it for the past year or so, but this trip made it official.  We met Adam’s parents, Greg & Becky, his sister, Alysson & her boyfriend, Carl, who came in for the event.  Nice people.  It was actually quite a large gathering in Section 225, Rows 5 & 6, Seats 101 through 110.  Made it really exciting when, after the entire stadium sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”, Adam dropped to one knee, took the ring out and placed it on Jordan’s finger.  Lots of hugs and tears followed.  The usher for our section even came up and announced to the rest of our section that “Jo said yes!”

Jamie’s sister, Kathy, and her daughters, Alison & Julianne are on vacation with us until next Wednesday.  They were with us at the game Wednesday night and have, so far, had a pretty good time.  Yesterday, we went to Paris on Ponce to see the venue where Jo wants to have her wedding party.  Very cool place!  I’m sure it will be a good time when it gets into full swing.  After spending a couple of hours there, we went to Tin Lizzie’s for lunch, and then back home.  Around 5pm, loaded back into the van for a ride up to Ben & Sophie’s house, so Jordan & Adam could see it before they headed back to Knoxville this morning.  They loved it and B & S have been working hard to get boxes emptied and things put where it’s supposed to go.  They are going to need a bigger ladder to hang art in the living room, though.  Talk about high ceilings!

The next thing you know, there could be a little one running around calling Jamie & me some version of Gram & Gramps!  It could happen!

Time does move on. The kids – they do grow up, and I am planning on growing up, too.